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Hayes International Motor Museum Opens Phase One...

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Of Their £4.2 Million Upgrade - Grey Power Helps Move Over 1000 Tons Of Motor Vehicles In 14 Hours

The Haynes International Motor Museum opened Phase One of its multi million pound upgrade in time for the Good Friday crowds.

Seventeen volunteers with an average age of 72 years old moved exhibition material, 187 cars and motorcycles with a combined weight of over 1000 tons in a little over 14 hours.  The oldest volunteer was 84 years old Derek Ayres and the youngest 54 year old Alan Goddard.

The exhibition organisation was effectively a giant tile puzzle, which had to be completed on time to avoid disappointing the Easter crowds.  Museum volunteers, despite their advancing years proved to be more than equal to the job.

The new Black Box exhibition, with the Vroom Room – a high performance car exhibition from all ages and countries forms the heart of phase one of the development.  Other areas including the American collection, micro cars and custom cars are amongst other new interpretations waiting to be enjoyed.

Phase two and three of the museum redevelopment will be completed over the coming nine months and will completely transform this iconic museum bringing its exhibition into the 21st century, much enhancing its appeal as one of the world’s premier motor museums.

Next on the schedule for completion is Haynes Hatch the children’s electric go-kart race track which forms the final part of the new Haynes Motorland a £250,000 play area where children can experience all types of vehicle related fun.

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