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MAG Farmyard facts 2009

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•7,500 paying customers.
•900 back room people (Caterers, Traders, litter pickers, band members, bar staff... to name but a few).
•180 Marshals (who paid for their tickets by the way).
•300 staff cars hidden out of the way.
•20 tons of paper and plast
ic rubbish picked up and disposed of.
•120 tons of wood burned.
•9,500 gallon of poo taken away.
•11,000 gallons of Diesel burned in generators.
•90 first aid patients.
•And a lot of happy people

From 8am Friday morning of the Farmyard to 12 Noon on Sunday the volunteer marshals worked 532, Four-hour shifts, this equates to 2,128 hours work by volunteers (who like I say pay for a ticket, same as you)

The organizing committee from all the MAG groups in Yorkshire amounts to around 25 people met 6 times and that's 30 hours, totaling around 750 hours just in meetings never mind traveling to and from them.

And then there is the work of the lady called Clare Shaw who puts this information together, who's hours cant be counted because she donates her time and company QT Creative to the riders rights cause.

However all our hard working volunteers, both seen and unseen are actually priceless, so if you see someone in a Farmyard Party crew T-shirt, don't whine at them because the grass was to long or to green around your tent, give them a pat on the back because without them there would be no Farmyard Party.

BY BIKERS, FOR BIKERS, IN AID OF BIKING. So all in all a great event and we are so pleased so many have taken the time to tell us so.

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