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Spirit of 59 Run London - 4th May

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The 'Spirit of 59 Run' sees Lennie Paterson, original founder of the Rocker Reunion movement, return to the scene for the Father Graham Hullett 'In Memoriam' tribute ride.


It's an "Unofficial Ride" with no organisers from the old 59 Club site in Paddington down to Chelsea Bridge and round the corner for drinks opposite the dogs home.

What's happening?

There will be Rock n Roll DJ in the Dudley arms pub by DJ Dynmite Ady from Crondall Rock n Roll club also real ales and hot snacks at normal prices.

On the actual site of the old 59 club there is a 'proper' transport cafe, not some retro re-make. They will be selling taxi men's breakfasts and main meals at low prices with toilet facilities on site. A chance to stand reminisce with original club members on the footprint of the old 59 building and show off your bike!

A Lewis Leathers sponsored ruddy red Routemaster bus will be there for folk unable to ride a bike anymore, or anyone who's just blown up or is still building theirs (costs-only fee payable). Paddington rail station is just a short walk from the Dudley arms.

The route from 59 Club site to Chelsea Bridge/Pavilion Pub is 4.5 miles and takes, oh, at least 4 minutes if the lights are with you. Alternative, if you want a good pose and for all the civilians to look at your iron on the way down ... plan on 25 minutes, making some noise and keeping up with the bus.

Father Graham's special 'Spirit of 59' 500cc Enfield Bullett will lead the ride to the Pavilion in Battersea. At the Pavilion pub the following will be available,

Rock n Roll - Sixties music being played by Chris 'Fender' Blacks 'C'mon Everybody Rock n Roll show' featuring cameo's of Eddie Cochran - Brenda Lee- Buddy Holly - Bill Haley - Duane Eddie (Chris Black played the 59 club 3 times as Unit 7 in the early Sixties). Spinning the discs will be 'Tongue Tied Danny and 'Run-around Stu Wester'.

Father Grahams motorbike will be on show in the back bar of the Pavilion along with his amazing collection of photos. Real Ale's will be on sale at 'Normal' prices. There will also be films of early Rockers Reunion runs and dances.

There are a few other 'SPECIAL' things happening but you have to be there to experience them!

Thanks to the following for their support

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