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Advanced motorcyclists get skilled‏

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Coaching motorcyclists to advanced riding standard comprehensively improves their skills and attitudes, according to a study published by road safety charity, IAM.  

Respondents said undertaking the IAM advanced riding course made them feel safer, more confident, more attentive, more observant and more decisive in their riding. By doing so it also adds to their enjoyment on the road.  

The top five reasons for taking the IAM advanced test were:  

• To improve general standard of riding
• To become a safer rider
• To reduce the risk of being involved in an accident
• To become a more confident rider
• For achievement/challenge  

Riders under the age of 30 were more likely to identify ‘improving my general standard of riding’ as a reason for taking the test and to obtain cheaper insurance.   Younger riders also showed a pleasing level of responsibility as they  were more likely to select ‘to demonstrate to others that my riding was of a high standard’ and ‘to influence other peoples’ riding’ as reasons for taking the test.   Results of the survey showed:  

• Ninety-nine per cent of riders said the IAM advanced test had a permanent positive effect on them as a rider.
• Ninety-seven per cent of respondents said that the IAM advanced test had increased their enjoyment from riding.
• Ninety-four per cent of respondents said that the IAM advanced test had made them safer riders.
• Sixty-one per cent of respondents said that taking the advanced test had helped them to avoid a specific accident or incident.  

IAM chief executive Simon Best said: “The IAM advanced riding qualification makes motorcyclists safer and more skilled. Motorcycling has a positive role to play in reducing congestion and emissions and should not be held back by safety concerns. We want to work with the government, manufacturers, dealers, police and road safety officers to promote the many benefits of safe motorcycling.”

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