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Driver who blocked overtaking biker is jailed

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A car driver who moved his car to prevent a motorcyclist overtaking has been jailed for eight months for dangerous driving.

Father of two Andrew Sherratt, 32, forced 49 year old Andrew Morris, into the path of oncoming traffic and suffered multiple arm and wrist fractures, on Burtonwood Road in Warrington Road, Cheshire, on July 23, 2009.

The Rider went to overtake the vechicle as the road was wide enough for the motorcycle to overtake the car, even though there was some traffic coming in the other direction. The rider believes the defendant deliberately turned his vehicle into the centre of the road causing impact with the bike and forcing him across the central white line into the oncoming traffic.

However the driver has stated that he did not think there was room for the motorcycle to overtake him and so decided to block the gap. He now wishes he had done the opposite and moved towards the kerb and maintains that he was trying to decrease the danger rather than cause an incident.

The Judge, David Hale, at Warrington Crown Court, summing up mentioned that any time someone gets in a car they are taking control of half a tonne of lethal metal. His decision to block the rider had disastrous consequences.

Sherratt, from Warrington, was handed a two and a half year driving ban on top of his jail sentence on Tuesday.

This is a regular occurance to Riders and to many the sentence is not enough, however it is 'a sentence' and hopefully one which may put a stop to this behaviour and prevent further incidents.

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