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Riders On – RWT‏

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After yesterday’s European Plenary session at the Parliament in Strasbourg for the vote concerning the Road Worthiness Testing proposals from the European Commission, FEMA (Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations) as the representative of their members, i.e. European Riders’ Organisations, has released some information on what happened in the vote.

Similarly SMC (Swedish Association of Motorcyclists) and FFMC (French Federation of Angry Bikers) have released independent information for their members and respective motorcycle communities in their own countries.

Several of the rider organisation representatives were present at the vote in Strasbourg including, Morten Hansen (NMCU), Eric Thiollier (FFMC), Dolf Willigers (MAG NL) and Chris Hodder (BMF).

However,  the final vote by the EU Parliament on the amendments, which brought motorcycles back into mandatory RWT, was  postponed and referred back to the TRAN committee (Transport and Tourism) committee, chaired by UK MEP Brian Simpson, to begin discussions with the Council of Ministers and the European Commission.

The European Commission’s position is to include motorcycles within RWT, the Council of Ministers deleted motorcycles from their position, TRAN had also deleted motorcycles with a compromise to look at the statistics within three years to see if RWT for motorcycles is necessary either to mandate or leave this decision to member states. For example in the UK we already have RWT,  commonly known as the MoT and this would not change.

Although Chris Hodder (Government Relations) from the BMF, has stated that this (the vote to include amendment 117) is a defeat but at the same time, not a victory for the European Commission, we would consider that this is all part of the parliamentary procedure.  In other words, it isn’t over until the Barber Shop Quartet (or in this case the Barber Shop Trio i.e. the Commission, Parliament and Council ) join together in harmony!

As the EU Parliament has said, “Parliament adopted amendments to the Commission proposals on Tuesday which it wants to be the basis for negotiations with Council with a view to agreeing the revised legislation at first reading.”

At Right To Ride we are rounding up information from all our sources and will have a full report on the vote on Road Worthiness Testing and its meaning for motorcyclists.

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