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Adventure motorcycling is a popular hobby, that can take you all round the world. The famous trips by Ewan McGregor & Charley Boorman have inspired many more people to enjoy the adventure opportunities that are open to them. And it's not just for the boys  - Lois Pryce writes about her ride from Alaska to Argentina at

An unique assessment carried out by highly qualified police riders. Expect a  reasonably priced day of riding, where you will be observed by experts and given top tips on what you can do to improve your skills. A highly recommended experience. For more information go to

Compulsory Basic Training  (CBT)
A one day training course with two-hours on road riding. On successful completion you will be entitled to ride a bike or scooter up to a 125cc capacity for two years. For more info go to

Driving Licence
Essential to getting on the road. If you are 16 and want to ride a moped on the road, you will need to apply for a provisional moped licence and take a CBT. If you are over 17 and already have a full car license, this acts as a provisional licence for mopeds and learner-legal motorcycles. Unless you passed your car test before 1 February 2001, you'll need a CBT too, but it's a good idea to take the CBT course before taking to the road even if you aren't legally required to. For more information about routes to your licence, visit here
Riding a bike, scooter or moped is a cost -effective way of commuting.  A You Gov Survey carried out for National Motorcycle Week ( 2009) found that one- quarter of bikers said they chose to ride to work because it is the cheaper option, compared to only 2% of car drivers.

In surveys carried out by the Motor Cycle Industry Association, one of the key words associated with motorcycling is 'freedom'.

Powered Two-wheelers are recognised as a green form of transport with lower emissions than some other modes of transport.  On average, new P2Ws emit 110g/CO2 per km, already a better performance than the targets given to the car industry.  On average, Mopeds emit about 70g/km. The average for cars is 158g/km. 

Sometimes called 'lids'. Getting  a properly fitted and safe helmet is an essential part of a riders kit. To get independent test results on a whole range of lids from the cheapest to most expensive check out this website.

A bike or scooter can provide young people with their first taste of independence. Young people between 17 and 25 made up 32% of all new riders in the past 12 months.*
Age number percentage 17 - 20: 7,543 11% 21 - 25: 14,441 21% 26-30: 12,582 18% 31-35: 9,426 13% 36-40: 9,531 14% 41-45: 7,838 11% 46-50: 4,801 7% 51-55: 2,324 3% 56-60: 1,095 2% 61 +: 462 1%
*figures from DSA
The motorcycle industry in the UK employs more than 15,000 people and turns over in excess of £3 billion a year.
Jam busters
If you want to avoid the crowds and get around the capital as a passenger why not enjoy the thrill of a pillion taxi ride with the professional services of a Virgin limobike.

Kill Spills
A campaign to help reduce the number of diesel spills on UK roads. These spills contribute to many  bike accidents , that could easily be reduced . For more information go to

An important part of the riders safety kit. Traditionally bike riders wore leathers for protection.  There are many styles available including one piece suits, essential if you plan to do any track riding,  and  more traditional two piece designs. There are also now a number of alternatives to leathers, such as hi-tech textile clothing which offers protection and comes in a variety of fashionable styles. Don't forget when buying kit you also need a protective pair of boots - and never ride without gloves.

Moto GP
The motorcycle equivalent of Formula One - The German Moto GP takes place on  Sunday 19th July at the Sachsenring, but if you can't make it  don't forget you can watch the drama unfold on TV.
NEC show - Although it doesn't take place until later in the year, you can think about getting your tickets for the biggest UK motorcycle show. Find out more on

There are lots of ways for people to enjoy two-wheels without even riding on the road, Popular forms of off-road activity include ; moto-cross (scrambling), Trials, Enduro and Supermoto - which is one of the newest and fastest forms and is a mix between road racing and motocross. For more information check out the website

Motorcycles take up much less space than cars. In a typical car park you can get around 5 motorcycles per car in each space.

You are less likely to sit in queues if you ride a bike, scooter or moped. The You Gov survey found that almost one in five people are jealous of bikers getting through traffic more quickly.

Ride to Work
Riding on a powered - two wheeler can help you win bonus points with the boss. The You Gov survey found over two-thirds ( 67% of  motorcycle commuters said they were never  late for work. Ride to Work Day is 15th July 2009.

These practical urban machines range from 50cc to 400cc. A stylish and affordable mode of transport, they were made popular by the MODs in the 1960's.

Track Day
One of the most exciting ways to hone your skills in a safe environment is at a track day. You can find out how to improve your cornering and get experienced at the hands of the experts with

Urban Mobility
The number of people riding a powered -two wheeler in London has increased since the introduction of the congestion charge. This has also led to a reduction in casualties.  An increase of +20% in motorcycle and scooter mileage in London corresponded to a reduction of 13% in fatalities.

Powered Two Wheelers are used for a variety of  life-saving  activities. Blood and organ deliveries are often carried out on bikes and scooters. The fire service and police also have fleets
Female riders account for around 15% of the 1.5 million active riders. Famous women riders include: MP Hazel Blears, TV presenters Vicky Butler-Henderson and Suzi Perry, and Patsy Quick, Paris Dakar rider. The MOTO GP is the bike equivalent of Formula 1 car racing. It is one of the most exciting spectator sports that generates millions of pounds for the industry. Some famous winners include the legendary Barry Sheene, and other UK champions Mike Hailwood and John Surtees and more recently the young Italian Valentino Rossi who has won a staggering eight times.

Your turn
Last year the number of people who took their test increased by 18 per cent. More people are opting for two wheels or considering it as a viable option for their commute. In a recent YouGov survey, Bicycle commuters and tube travellers were the most willing to switch to two wheels. Eighteen per cent of pedal cyclists and 20 per cent of underground users said that they would consider commuting by motorcycle or scooter to avoid traffic and delays.

Zero Emissions 
The motorcycle industry already has good green credentials and the manufacturers are doing a lot of research into alternative fuels. For the eco-minded commuter there are even electric motorbikes which have zero emissions.

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