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Correct tyre pressures are essential...

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0 Comments the safety, performance and running costs of motorcycles. 

Just 3psi under-inflation and we can be using 5% more fuel and shortening tyre life by 10% to 15%!  Under-inflated tyres are more likely to puncture too – especially in the wet.

Now, Stamford based TyrePal Ltd have introduced their TD4100 Tyre Pressure Monitoring System to take the worry and uncertainty out of checking motorcycle tyre pressures on the move.

Simple to fit and set up, the Tyre Pal TD4100 relays pressure and temperature information continuously from lightweight, dust cap sensors to an easy to read handlebar monitor.  A bright red LED also flashes a warning of any impending tyre disasters. 

The system needs no wiring and comes complete with instructions, mounting bracket and batteries.  The sensors have anti- theft locking rings and the monitor clips off for safe-keeping; it has a waterproof cover too. Re-balancing of the wheels is generally unnecessary.

With all newly homologated cars having to fit TPMS from November 2012, their safety benefits go without saying.  With the TyrePal TD4100 retailing at just £149 including VAT and a full year’s warranty, the financial benefits are now also too good to ignore…

Order yours on line at

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