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ABS Will Sell Well?

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Over at Right To Ride EU we have just taken a look at the announcement from KTM that the production of their new 2014 models the 1190 Adventure and Adventure R will feature, “a truly revolutionary rider assistance system”, Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC). 

If MSC works in real world riding conditions then motorcycling is in for a big change, within the laws of physics.

So it looks like we have systems from KTM with Bosch for riders whose abilities come below the abilities of the motorcycle and those whose abilities and experience sometimes get caught out by the laws of physics.

These KTMs are designed or promoted with an off-road ability, either on non-metallic roads (roads with a “loose” surface) that still require the rider and bike to be road legal (insurance/VED etc) or fully off-road or  perhaps a mixture of the two on a round the world trip through far flung outer Mongolia.

The “off” capability of the systems is to facilitate this type of riding, so when returning to the tarmac the bike the systems can be engaged which makes the bike suitable again to that surface.

But in all this (recently agreed European Legislation) there is nothing in any regulation that stops manufacturers fitting an off switch!

So did riders ask for all these new technological systems? Like the latest tablet or phone technology when it is announced to the buying public and clambered over, as a must have, to a degree as riders hold some decorum, there is a want for new technology!

There is of course the rhetoric that these systems and legislation to introduce them as compulsory, removes the freedom of choice – for riders to choose to have or not have the system on a bike – we have to be careful here in case of a back lash on the freedom of choice issue.

However with over 27 million PTWs (motorcycles – scooters – mopeds) in use in Europe and their riders –  the average rider – the majority of riders, want the freedom of choice to have these systems on their bikes and do not care that there is no alternative.

For these riders there appears to be no concern of these systems being fitted or the inconvenience or cost if there are electronic failures, these riders do not care, it is a part of modern acceptability and they want their bikes to have the latest technology fitted.

Perhaps instead of some sort of panacea being offered to reduce collisions, fatalities and injuries what we are being offered is an actual cure or at least a partial remedy?

However we would say that all this technology is going to sell well!

Read the article in full at Right To Ride EU and view the videos of the system in action

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