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British successes abound in the motorcycle industry and contribute to sales estimated at £5.2 billion. (1)

UK based motorcycle manufacturers and component manufacturers are investing heavily in Research & Development (R&D) and innovation driving the future of the industry. 

The UK motorcycle industry already generates significant revenue from exports at £370 million per annum.

An economic survey conducted on behalf of the Motorcycle Industry Association highlights that the British motorcycle industry includes many high-value, innovative businesses that together make an important contribution to economic development of UK PLC with products that are exported around the world. 

The British companies, among others, at the forefront of innovation and export are Triumph, Motorcycle Management Ltd, Davida, Forcefield Body Armour and Scion Sprays with others involved in a range of diverse and interesting projects. Manufacturers - Triumph has increased its turnover by almost 300% over the last ten years and exports more than 80% of its finished motorcycles.

Norton, with a long history of producing hand-built quality motorcycles continues to produce bespoke orders of high value, high performance motorcycles, for both road and racing. Motorcycle Technology - Harris Performance Products are involved with the major Japanese manufacturers and race teams designing, developing and manufacturing new products that will deliver results on the track or in off-road sport disciplines.

Alternative Powered Motorcycles - Intelligent Energy of Loughborough University is working with Suzuki to develop hydrogen powered motorcycles, while the UK is also driving the development of electric race bikes and has established the eGrandPrix championship.

Motorcycle Safety - The industry is working to improve the safety of motorcyclists and other road users, through the delivery of training (e.g. California Superbike School) and safety developments relating to helmets (e.g. Davida) and motorcycle clothing (e.g. Forcefield Body Armour and Frank Thomas)

Advance Engineering - Companies are developing advanced engineering capabilities and expertise in the UK. e.g. Scion Sprays' fuel injection and engine management technologies to improve performance and deliver economic and environmental benefits.

Steve Kenward CEO of the MCI commented, " British companies have a integral role in the motorcycle industry. Along with the overseas manufacturers who sell their products to UK customers, the UK industry provides a valuable economic contribution to UK PLC. British companies are providing a comprehensive and important range of products and services including motorcycles, safety products, technological advancements motorcycle events, touring and adventure holidays and training and safety developments. It is vital the government and the British people recognise the importance of the UK motorcycle industry to the UK economy and provide the necessary support to ensure that all these businesses continue to flourish."
1) GHK survey  - The Economic Significance of the UK Motor Cycle Industry - The Motor Cycle Industry Association - Published 2010

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