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After many weeks of dreadful weather, the summer has finally arrived...

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In fact the weather forecasters have suggested this balmy Indian Summer could last well into October!

The next two weeks look set to be perfect for a camping weekend, a trip to the coast and/or last minute holidays in the UK... in fact it could be very warm with glorious sunshine reaching temperatures of up to 27C.

It is possible the rest of the month could follow suit (fingers and toes crossed) for what could be the longest spell of dry fine weather we have seen so far in 2012.

In recent years the most significant growth in motorcyclists has been in female riders and with this the rise in longer stays, rather than in a place for one night... Many riders know there is nothing worse than arriving somewhere after a long ride, unpacking, showering, eating, drinking, sleeping and then up the next day to pack up and move on - hence the rise in finding a great place to stay as a base for a few days to go out each day to tour and explore the area.

Did you know? •Motorcycle-related tourism spending in the UK is over £565 million each year, supporting over 13, 000 tourism jobs. •Overseas motorcycling tourists spend £17 million on trips to the UK •More than half of all motorcyclists are over 40, with the vast majority of motorcycle tourists being in this age category.

“The lack of interest in the motorcycle tourism sector may be due to a perceived image of rebellious youthful bikers which is at odds with their current demographic" (Dr Cater, lecturer at Aberystwyth University).

Please note this article was based on the UK weather forecast 7th September, 2012, which is of course up for change!

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