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Right To Ride - A Long Tale‏

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As we have previously reported, there was a vote in the European Parliament on the 2nd July concerning the European Commission’s three proposals regarding the Road Worthiness Testing (RWT) package and relevant amendments.

The three proposals from the European Commission in the RWT package are: •Periodic roadworthiness tests for motor vehicles and their trailers •Registration documents for vehicles •Technical roadside inspection of the roadworthiness of commercial vehicles circulating in the Union.

The vote in the Parliament agreed on amendments to introduce RWT for motorcycles, whereas previously a committee of MEPs, the TRAN (Transport and Tourism), agreed to delete motorcycles from the proposals.

If the proposed regulations went through right now, this would see the mandatory introduction of RWT or Periodical Technical Inspection (PTI) a version of our MoT for motorcycles across Europe.

Although parliament had agreed to the three proposals, it was also agreed that these be referred back to the TRAN committee for reconsideration.

On the 8th July 2013 the TRAN committee voted in favour of a mandate to enter into negotiations with the Council and the Commission to head for an agreement on a common position for a vote in the European Parliament for the introduction of this legislation. However we do hear you cry what does all this mean, just hold on what about some plain language! What does this mean for UK riders?

The concern for riders in the UK is that the MoT test will somehow become a “Super MoT” with an associated rise in costs, even though the Commission’s proposal indicates that the RWT would be of a minimum standard across the European Union with member states free to introduce a stricter regime if they wish to do so.

At some stage anyway there could be the introduction of emission testing (this is dependent on the type approval legislation recently passed in which manufacturers will be obliged – from 2016 to declare emissions). However, in the UK our testing period is after three years (end of third year – beginning of the fourth year) then every year.

In Northern Ireland our MoT is carried out by a Government Agency, while in GB (rest of the UK) the test is carried out by independent testers who also in most cases also repair motorcycles. The RWT proposal aims to split these activities (see comments above from Jacqueline Foster on this specific proposal.

MEPs Vote

If you are writing to MEPs remember they may have voted against the amendments and proposal for Example in Northern Ireland our MEPs voted thus: Diane Dodds – Against – James Nicholson – Against – Martina Anderson – Abstained.

The Belgium riders organisation FBMC are organising a demonstration on the 14th September against the proposal. We are continuing our own lobbying as we are sure other riders organisations across Europe are.

In the grand scale of things, how will this proposal affect UK riders?  From where we are standing – not a lot – possibly it will mean at some point in time, the inclusion of emissions testing.  For the rest, our opinion has always been and remains that in Europe, each country has its own culture, history and way of doing things and if these countries prefer not to have RWT, that is their right.

Our view is that each and every one of us must make sure that our motorcycle is roadworthy and safe to ride. Whether this depends on a third party inspecting our pride and joy to ensure that it is “safe” or whether it is for us to do, it doesn’t really matter as far as we are concerned – in the end it is our own responsibility.

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