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Journey of a Blood Biker

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While most of the UK’s population is sleeping, Roger is riding his Honda bike with a precious cargo on-board. He is delivering blood to hospitals in the surrounding areas.

A volunteer with the charity SERV, he uses his own free time and resources to give something back to the community.  The charity SERV (Service by Emergency Rider Volunteers) delivers emergency blood, medical equipment and drugs at night to local hospitals safely, quickly and reliably.

Volunteers - known as Blood Runners, can be called out at a moments notice, to transport the vital cargo to its final destination. The charity provides a vital service completely free of charge and on a voluntary basis, 365 nights of the year.   Dealing with something as critical as a person’s life, Roger relies on his Honda bike to get him there quickly and safely – delivering the vital blood to the waiting medical staff on time...

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Journey of a Blood Biker

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