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No Room for the Kitchen Sink....

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Motorcycling road safety initiative RideSafe BackSafe is urging any motorcyclists planning a long distance tour this summer to be properly prepared and plan ahead. It is estimated that nearly 1.5 million people in Great Britain own a motorcycle. The highest number since the early Eighties and many of them will head off for European holidays on two wheels during the next few months.  

Motorcycling holidays or ‘tours’ require as much preparation as any other holiday, as RideSafe BackSafe Communications Manager, Emma Kelly, explains;  “ Everybody going abroad needs to take the basics, such as a valid passport, tickets, suitable travel insurance and so on, but there is much more to it for motorcyclists. Wearing the right protective clothing, servicing the machine before hand and travelling light are all important. We know of a few incidences of motorcyclists being injured, simply as a result of luggage and straps working loose, getting entangled in the rear wheel and causing them to crash. Securing luggage properly, keeping the centre of gravity low by how you pack the heavy items and adjusting tyre pressures for a fully laden bike are just a few of the unique prerequisites for safer travel on two wheels “.

Some motorcyclists will organise just one or two holiday tours a year and the way the bike behaves with a rider and a pillion passenger and holiday luggage on board can be unfamiliar. The RideSafe BackSafe team are recommending that owners visit their local motorcycle dealership to take expert advice and ensure that they have covered everything from headlight adjustment to suspension settings.                                                                                                         

Emma Kelly continues;  “Motorcycling enthusiasts will regularly just hop on and enjoy a short ride-out during the summer months, but taking a week to ride up to 2,000 miles across five countries and mountain ranges is an adventure that needs careful planning“.

For more dedicated road safety advice and to view a 25-point Motorcycle Tour Planner, go to

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