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Motorcycle Accident Injury Solicitors

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Most people in their middle age had started out on motorcycles when British bikers rode British bikes.

There were more brands of British bikes on the roads than any other in the world. Most bikers these days hardly remember them, and view them as museum pieces that only get polished and rode on a sunny Sunday afternoon. 

Our Motorcycle Solicitors haven’t just decided that motorcycle accidents are where the market is, it is something that is in their blood. It is something that they are passionate about, and something that they could not imagine their lives without. All our motorbike solicitors have chosen a career to assist fellow bikers get what is rightfully theirs after an accident.  

The roads out there are a jungle, if not a battlefield between those who think they own the road and those who just want to use the road. On the roads there are aggressors and bikers. It’s no good trying to tell us how you felt threatened by the presence of a motorcyclist.

We aren’t big enough to be aggressors, and that is why bikers are always on the lookout for cars making life threatening and sometimes silly maneuvers.   Motorcyclists injuries can mean dents in their legs and heads that can take years to repair, not to mention the damage to their motorcycles. This is where our bike riding solicitors understand what you are going through.  

The car driver and other road users are a threatening menace to us motorcyclists; intentional or not. As you may be able to gather from this web page, there is a different mindset between the driver and us the motorcyclist.  

Our basic instinct is one of survival. On the roads, the biker is bottom of the food chain, and we know it. People in cars treat juggernaut lorries with respect, because they know that they may come off worse in a collision. Car drivers seem to treat bikers with complete contempt, and that is the difference in understanding between a motoring accident lawyer and a motorcycle solicitor.  

It is that understanding that allows us to put together a case that reflects the problems that bikers experience on the roads. It also assists our motorcycle solicitors in presenting your case successfully to a judge who may not be a biker himself.  

Motorbikes and cars are two entirely different modes of transport and to that extent they must be treated differently. So it is essential that when you have a bike accident that you choose a motorbike solicitor.  

We will say, “We are bikers, we understand, come and talk to us, it costs you nothing”

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