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Bikers Friend Smartphone app offers extra protection for motorcyclists

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0 Comments, has just released a free smartphone app, Bikers Friend, for the growing legion of motorcycle riders.

Bikers Friend provides an effortless way to document motorcycle accidents, collecting evidence that can be used for insurance purposes, and offering other support just when a biker needs it the most. Created by bikers for bikers, Bikers Friend is currently available for the Android market but is soon to be released for Apple devices as well.  

"Bikers Friend is one of those apps you hope you never need," says Colin Mahoney, creator of, "but you'll be awfully glad you have it if you ever are in an accident." Indeed, as more and more people take to the road on motorcycles, there will inevitably be more motorcycle accidents. "This free app is the best 'witness' any motorcyclist could ever have after an accident," says Mahoney. "By providing an extra layer of protection for motorcyclists, and hard proof and evidence for insurers, we make an already stressful situation a little bit easier for all involved."

Mahoney adds, "As a motorcyclist myself, I've experienced many issues with other road users. They are often very negative and even aggressive towards motorcyclists. Even if a motorcyclist observes all safety rules, accidents happen. And even if the biker wears proper protective gear, injuries can be pretty bad, and potential damage awards can be substantial. It's little wonder that insurance companies will frequently deny liability after a biker has been involved in an accident."   Enter Bikers Friend, which records such data as the biker's exact location (with overlays on a Google map), the other driver's details, and so forth. There are also voice and video recording facilities, and Bikers Friend can locate and call the nearest emergency services - police, ambulance, fire department or other first responder. If the user chooses to do so, the app will send all information to for assessment. However, the app can also be used without giving motorcycle instructions to act.  

Bikers Friend is constantly being improved upon, Mahoney notes, and updates and new versions will also be free.  Choosing to create Bikers Friend as a Smartphone app was an easy choice for "There is no question that the mobile device is the fastest growing online search tool today," says Mahoney. "As millions of people worldwide migrate to Smartphone usage, the number of people who are downloading apps and browsing the web on their phone is growing at an incredibly rapid pace. It is for this reason that has made its innovative and informative app available for free to every motorcyclist worldwide. This is a UK first for sure, and possibly a worldwide first for the motorcycle fraternity and community."  

Mahoney and his colleagues predict Bikers Friend will be a friend to more than just bikers and their insurers; it will also be welcomed by lawyers, who will recognize that it represents innovation and technology at its best.  

Besides being an avid biker, Colin Mahoney is an Internet marketer of legal services, with over 20 years of applicable experience. Of Motorcycle, he says, "We're still a small firm of six. But we are all experienced motorcyclists who also happen to understand law and software design." Although originally created for the UK market (Mahoney's firm is regulated in the UK by the Ministry of Justice), Bikers Friend can be used by bikers worldwide.   Mahoney emphasizes that Bikers Friend is a free app, and the company intends to keep it that way. "We will never charge a single penny for this app, ever," he says.  

Currently motorcyclists can download "Bikers Friend" from Google Play, and soon they will be able to download from the Apple Store as well.  

The download page for the app is

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