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The Motor Cycle Industry Association's monthly motorcycle statistics show that during November there have been signs of recovery. Although overall the market is down, all engine sizes saw an increase in sales this month compared to sales in November 2009.

The influence of the industry's Get On campaign, that is focussed on bringing new riders into the world of motorcycling,  is reflected in the sales figures as the entry level sector (51 -125cc  engines) saw the biggest improvement with a 11.1% increase compared to November last year. In that category the Honda CBF 125M was the highest registering model within each style. Scooters, again the ideal machine for entry level riders, have experienced 13.1% growth  with Kymco and Peugot the highest registering style.

Although we have entered the colder months of the year it is a positive sign that a number of the sectors have expanded.  The areas of biggest growth was in the Trail/ Enduro market (24.9%) , followed by Supersport ( 19.7%) and  Custom bikes (14.4%) .

Steve Kenward MCI's CEO commented, " We are seeing the benefits of the industry's Get On campaign as the smaller engine bikes are growing steadily. It has been a difficult year for the industry battling through a recession and more recently the unusually cold weather.

" The industry is working hard to grow the market and savvy buyers who shop around can benefit from some of the good finance deals that are currently on the market in the run up to Christmas"

For more information about the industry's Get On campaign, which is helping people get into the world of motorcycling by providing a free one hour ride with a local trainer, go to the website

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