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Stay Safe on The Roads and Cut the Christmas Booze

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The MCI is calling on riders to cut their Christmas drinking if they are planning to ride. The latest analysis of drink-drive statistics show that in 2008, of the motorcycle riders tested following an accident, 1.4 per cent failed a breathalyzer test compared to an average of 2.7 per cent for all road user casualties as a whole.

Although motorcyclists are half as likely as car riders to take the risk of drinking and driving, the Christmas season marks the time of year when people are more likely to indulge in a couple of extra drinks.

Young riders in particular are most likely to drink and ride. Motorcyclists aged between 20 and 24 were most likely to fail a breath test, with 2.4 per cent of tests taken by riders in this age band positive for alcohol. However, this figure is still less than half that of the average for all road users between 20 and 24, of whom 5 per cent gave a breath test positive for alcohol.

The MCI advises:

. Never drink any amount of alcohol if you're riding. You don't have to be over the limit for your skills to be impaired.

. Never drink late at night if you're riding early the next morning. If you get caught out later than you thought, take alternative transport or go pillion next morning.

. Don't let mates drink and ride.

. Don't buy a drink for anyone if you know they are planning to ride

Steve Kenward, MCIs, CEO commented, " The party season is upon us. The only sensible message is don't drink and ride. Drinking, drugs and motorcycle riding don't mix at any time in the year but be especially careful during this season of good cheer and increased temptation.
"Bear in mind that alcohol can stay in your system well into the next day, so if you were drinking the night before you might also want to avoid riding in the early part of the the next day."

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