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Motorcycle Industry Association Encourages Government to Recognise Electric Motorcycles in Future Transport strategy

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The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCI) has published a new report aimed at encouraging the Government to recognise the place of electric powered two wheelers (e-PTW's) as part of its low carbon transport strategy.  

The report, titled 'Report on the Sector and Opportunities for Realising Government Objectives' was written in response to the omission of e-PTW's from the recent electric transport initiative called the 'Plug in Grant'. A key objective of the report is to brief Government on the potential for ePTW and to illustrate why is makes sense to include ePTWs in the 'Plugged in Car Grant' framework.

As the media spotlight has followed the Grant and focussed on electric cars, so the electric motorcycle sector has been left in a public awareness black hole.  For a sector that has terrific growth potential and can offer a key component in strategies to reduce Co2, this is not good news and something that the MCI is keen to see change quickly.

The Report outlines how e-PTW's can be included in the phase two roll out of the Plug in Grant and also how through strategic support of the sector, the UK can position itself as a world leader in electric technology and development.  Many of the e-PTW sectors leading voices and experts contributed to the writing of the report. This included existing major motorcycle brands, who are developing new technologies and also new market players and key individuals such as Victoria Atherton of Love2scoot, Alex Bamberg of Charge Point Services and Danny Tendler of E-City Wheels.

The MCI recognises that with the appropriate support, the UK e-PTW sector can become a strong and influential player in the development of a UK wide low carbon transport strategy, and that it is important that the sector develops its own voice and identity within the wider industry.  To this end the MCI has created a specialist group for the e-PTW sector within the MCI to give manufactures and importers, both from new and already well known existing companies, plus other stake holders a clear voice in developing a clean transport future.

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