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MCI Recommends Riders Take Training to The Next Level in the New Year

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Quality training for motorcyclists is an important factor in improving road safety and although 70% of riders said they thought post-test training should be compulsory for car drivers and motorcyclists there is a need for this to be put into practice. (1)

Riders should put 'training' to the top of their New Years resolutions list to help make the roads safer for themselves and others, as a recent study by the Transport Research Laboratory found that three out of ten riders had only completed their Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) and 40% of the over 45's have had no training at all. Of those surveyed, one in ten riders were considering undertaking advanced training in the next 12 months and 8% of the riders had already completed a post-test training course. (2)

These statistics reveal that there is still a long way to go to ensure that motorcyclists training needs are being met. In recognition of the importance of post-test training the MCI has worked jointly with the Driving Standard's Agency (DSA) to create the Enhanced Rider Scheme  (ERS).

The scheme is designed for fully licensed motorcyclists and perfect for a range of riders including ; those  who have just passed their test, riders who are upgrading to a more powerful bike , people returning after a break and those who simply want to improve their skills.

By choosing a trainer from the Post-Test Training Register trainees will benefit from an assessment of individual skills and competences and be offered a syllabus that will meet their personal needs.

On completion riders will also get a Certificate of Competence confirming that riders have developed existing skills and where relevant have learned new techniques. In recognition of this, riders will be entitled to genuine discounts from UK's top insurance companies, so in the long-term riders will not only be better riders, but will also save money.

Steve Kenward MCI's CEO commented, " The MCI is committed to improving road safety and as part of its activities created a Training Association (MCITA) to help improve standards and create a more cohesive system that the public can understand.

" Using a trainer from the Enhanced Rider Scheme ensures peace of mind for consumers who are often faced with a difficult choice. Registered trainers will be able to provide a tailor made package to meet every individuals needs and monitors progress to help inform future training."

The website contains more information on the Enhanced Rider Scheme, BikeSafe, other types training and how to find a trainer in your local area.

1) MCI survey carried out by Tickbox. ( 2007)
2) Passion, Performance, Practicality; Motorcyclists Motivations and Attitudes to Safety, Transport Research Laboratory ( October 2009)

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