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Motorcycle Industry Association Announces Intention to Launch a Specialist Association for Alternative Powered Motorcycles and Scooters

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The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCI) has today announced its intention its launch the eMCI, a 'partner' Association of the MCI, which will proactively promote and develop a positive market and political environment for the UK's embryonic but highly significant alternative powered two wheeler (e-PTW) sector. The official launch will take place during May 2011.

The new grouping, called the e-MCIA (to be known as eMCI), is born from developing contacts with new players in the ePTW sector, coupled with increasing interest in alternative powered technologies from existing major manufacturers. A recently published MCI report on the potential of electric motorcycles as part of a UK low carbon transport strategy, revealed a need for industry to act in a positive way.

The report, titled 'Report on the Sector and Opportunities for Realising Government Objectives' was written in response to the omission of e-PTW's from the recent electric transport initiative called the 'Plug in Grant'. A key objective of the report is to brief Government on the potential for ePTW and to illustrate why is makes sense to include ePTW's in the 'Plugged in Car Grant' framework.

The report highlighted significant opportunities for the sector, such as the creation of 'ePTW city plans' and the MCI's aim of helping ensure that these opportunities are fully embraced and exploited as the industry continues to evolve as new alternative power technologies develop.

A recent Parliamentary Question (Zak Goldsmith 28th Feb) revealed that the ePTW sector currently comprises 43% of the entire fledgling electric vehicle sector. This dwarfs the e-cars sector which despite publicity and Government support comprises only 21% of the electric vehicle sector. These market figures reveal a clear potential for ePTW.
Steve Kenward, MCI CEO, said; "Despite the current low numbers of ePTWs being sold, the indications are that this sector will experience significant growth over the next few years. Socio/political pressure and environmental concerns are painting a clear road map to the future of transport and transport policy, so it is vital that the ePTW sector benefits from specific support from the established UK industry Association, in order to ensure that both new and existing ePTW players can maximise market and public policy opportunities as the motorcycle product offering evolves. This is why we are launching eMCI as a specific platform for the alternative powered sector."

Initial research has revealed that support for a new Association is significant and the eMCI project team will be contacting further key players in the ePTW sector over the coming weeks, inviting them to the first meeting of the group.  It is anticipated that membership of the group will expand quickly as business engages the ePTW sector. Government departments and a number of MPs have also expressed interest in the new initiative.
The role of the group will be to help create a single voice for the ePTW sector in the UK, both in addressing the many technical challenges faced in developing a viable low carbon transport infrastructure, and also the perception and image of ePTW's as a genuine low impact urban transport option. It is envisaged that the eMCI will also draw membership and advice from key technology and infrastructure providers in addition to manufacturers, importers and related businesses.

The MCI believes that the creation of the eMCI will give the ePTW sector appropriate support, to enable it to evolve into a strong and influential player in the development of a UK wide low carbon transport strategy, with its own voice and identity within the wider industry. 

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