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The North East's Premier Motorcycle Rally - Stormin' The Castle

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Well as ever we have spent the last few months in the STC ivory towers with copious amounts of beer, bikes and birds (studs for the girls, that don't rhyme as well but as we live in a claim culture one has to cover his back).

So what that really means is we have been rallying, just like you we are bikers and that's what we do, so far this year members of the committee have managed to attend:- •ITVBike • Small but Perfectly Reformed • Farmyard Party • Ben Hur • Brown Dog • Simmer Dim • IOM TT • MAG 40th - Blackpool • Rock n Bike Fest • & a few more I am sure Now that we are all sobering up the real work has started we have booked some bands, a tent and a few kegs of ale.

Well kind of times that by 5,000 and you are getting somewhere close, thirteen people have been scratching heads trying to work out new licensing law, health & safety, site plans, power, toilets, trader, caterers, fire crew, ambulances, radios, merchandise, fencing okay so you get the idea now read on for the important part...

The line up has been finalised and this year we have a wide range of bands old and new, its nice once again to welcome some old faces back to site. Friday Main Stage:- Emerald Thieves - A Foreigners Journey - Karma Heart - The Enzymes Iris Stage:- Steve Fulsham Band - Fickle Lilly

Saturday Main Stage:- From the Jam - The Bandits - The Kill - The Rattlers Iris Stage:- Sinnerboy - Blue Diamond - Bessi & The Zinc Buckets - Big Red & The Grinners - Trevor Sewel Band

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