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Gamers Can Show Bikers How to Ride Safer and Better

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At first sight gamers and bikers have almost nothing in common other than the odd video game title that channeled Sons of Anarchy, like the woefully bad Ride to Hell: Retribution, to the far more playable Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned.  

Anyone who wants a true biking experience in the form of a game should chec

Anyone who wants a true biking experience
in the form of a game should check out
Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned


The reasons for this divide are obvious. Gamers are required to be in front of a screen in order to do their thing, while bike enthusiasts are out on the open road, with the wind in their beards and the smell of glory in their nostrils as they head to their regular Sunday meet or ride out. 

However, despite all this, there are some pointers bikers can take from online gamers, many of which, if taken seriously, can help prevent riders getting into one too many unwanted scrapes. 

'Tilting' While Gaming or Biking Can Be Bad News 

Tilting is not good. No, we are not talking about leaning into a corner or dropping your bike in the parking lot. Tilt is the technical term used by gamers to describe someone who has lost their cool, to the detriment of the atmosphere within the game and equally to their chances of winning. 

In many online games, where the slightest lapse in concentration can lead to victory slipping through a player’s fingers, there are many reasons as to why keeping your cool is so key. Some games that come to mind include chess, Call of Duty and poker, with the latter especially being an arena where letting emotions take over leads to exits from tournaments of all ability levels. 

The takeaway for bikers is that riding with a level head is always the way to go. This means ignoring that idiot car driver revving his engine for attention at a set of traffic lights, or the boasts of a fellow rider who is egging you on to go faster. 

As is the case in the world of gaming, it is the thinking man’s rider who will always come out on top in the end.  

Gamers have to remain calm and collected at all times, just as the best rid

Gamers have to remain calm and
collected at all times, just as the
best riders in the world do on race day

Going Up a Level Before You Are Ready 

Newcomers to any pastime or hobby always fall into the same trap of wanting to run before they can walk or, in the case of wannabe riders, wanting to ride a Harley before they even know how to mount a 50cc scooter.

The same occurs in gaming, with poker players often playing high stakes before they are ready, and battle royale players trying to enter expert gaming lobbies before they even know how all the buttons on their controller or keyboard work. 

When it comes to this issue, the plight of inexperienced gamers should act as a reminder to riders that nothing can replace experience, aside from a fully accredited training course. 

Knowing When to Take a Break 

Gaming can be an all-consuming affair, with many players only too happy to dedicate huge portions of their life to contest the games they love. 

However, there comes a time during a long gaming session that the body begins sending messages, telling the person in question that it is ready to head out for a breath of fresh air or let some steam off with a quick jog. 

More and more, gamers are beginning to heed the warnings of experts who say they should partake in things like yoga or meditation in order to relax their minds and bodies. 

The same applies to those men and women who spend long hours in the saddle. Road and engine vibrations, as well as temperature fluctuations take their toll, and when fatigue hits on a long road trip, it's always best to take a rest. 

Every rider, no matter how hardened they are, should take a note from a gamer’s book, and get themselves practicing their downwards dog position. 


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