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Games To Play When Weather Stops You From Riding

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Heading out for a ride is our favourite way to spend some time on a sunny day. However, as we all know, it’s not always possible because of the weather, especially if you live somewhere like the United Kingdom. Therefore, if you can’t get out for a ride, you need something else to keep you occupied, and we have some exciting games to play until the sun comes out again. 

Harley-Davidson Slot

Everyone, especially those who own a motorbike, will be aware of the Harley-Davidson name. Therefore, it’s the ideal combination to when you bring motorbikes, gaming and the potential to win into the mix. If you can’t get out for a ride, is there anything to better than playing a slot which stars motorbikes? The Harley-Davidson branded game is made by IGT and features stunning visuals. There are four games in one, so punters will have access to a lot of content all in the one place, with each coming with its individual qualities, gameplay and effects.

Fall Guys

This game might seem like an odd choice for this list at first, but Fall Guys is the video game of the moment right now, and bang on-trend. Try it out and you will see what we mean by this. The title, which is available to play on PC and PlayStation 4, has quickly become the must-play video game of 2020, with its simplicity very much the key to its success and continued growth in popularity. If you can’t get out on your bike, Fall Guys is the perfect pick up and play title, with gamers tasked with making their way through epic rounds which feature obstacle courses and challenges to be the last one standing.

F1 2020

It may not be a game starring motorbikes, but F1 2020 is one of the most popular driving games around right now. In recent years, Formula One has grown in popularity, thanks to the likes of Lewis Hamilton coming onto the scene. And, in Codemasters F1 2020, players can hit the track as their favourite driver. It’s the first time in a Formula One game where gamers can build their own team, which means creating a driver, signing a deal with a sponsor and so on. It takes players closer to the action than ever before, as they embark on an authentic career in Formula One.

Call of Duty: Mobile

If you have never heard of the Call of Duty game series, you must have been living under a rock for a long time. It’s one of the most successful game franchises of all time, and Call of Duty: Mobile is the top port Activision has ever come up with. We live in a world where mobile gaming is rapidly growing in popularity, and when content looks and plays as well as COD: Mobile, you can see why. Call of Duty is known for its success as a first-person shooter, but the 100-player battle royale mode is excellent as well.


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