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7 Ways to Mod Your Bike on a Budget

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Buying a motorcycle is great, but after you have spent a few hundred hours gazing at it lovingly, you might start to feel like you want to put your own stamp on it. You might want to alter the way it looks, the way it rides, or both, but very few people have an unlimited budget which allows them to make all the changes they want to. A lot of the most popular modifications come with a hefty price tag and it is likely you have already spent most of your money on the bike itself.

If this sounds familiar, here are 7 ways to mod your bike when you are on budget.

1. Take out a loan

The first way around a small budget is to take out a small loan which will enable you to make the mods you want to without having to compromise or save up for a long time. It is important to ensure you can make all the repayments, but you may be adding value to the bike itself through the improvements.

2. Add a new exhaust

A new exhaust is a great way to turn heads thanks to the incredible noise it can create as you tear down the street. It can also improve safety as you will alert other road users to your presence way before you pass them.

3. Install flush mount lights

A flush mounted set of lights makes a bike sleeker in appearance as they do not stick out. Obviously, they do not improve a bike’s performance, but they make a big difference to the bike’s appearance.

4. Upgrade the tyres

The tires which come with a stock car tend not to be the best, and they may need replacing sooner rather than later. A new set of tyres will be more attractive, but the main benefit is the improved handling and grip they deliver.

5. Customize the windscreen

The windscreen on stock motorbikes tends to be less than ideal. By investing in a customized windscreen, you can improve the look of the bike and the driving experience, and the best part is that it is not an expensive modification as many will cost less than £50.

6. Improve the brake pads

When trying to improve a bike’s speed, most people will not give much thought to the brakes. However, the quality is vital when cornering in terms of efficiency and safety. Failing brakes can be lethal, so improving them is one of the best investments you can make. Click here for more information on parts and accessories for your bike. 

7. LED Lights

An LED light kit is another mod which improves the look and safety of a bike. Other road users will be much more likely to see you on the road if the body of the bike is decorated with bright lights. This is particularly important at night. Light kits are available in a wide range of different colours and strobing patterns and you can play around with their placement depending on the look you are after. Visit The Drive for the best LED light kits of 2020.

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