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Would you like to be on the front cover of the next edition of THE BIKER GUIDE booklet?

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We are currently working on the 8th edition of THE BIKER GUIDE booklet and are asking you the visitors of and readers of the booklet -
Do you have a great picture that encapsulates Motorcycling, at Biker Friendly Places, along with photos that you just love, that you would like to see on the front cover THE BIKER GUIDE booklet and of course your name in 1,000's of booklets?

If so, please send to [email protected]

Ensure with all images for inclusion you -

* Include where the photo was taken and who is in the image (left to right), along with any other information you think is relevant.
* Check all included in the photo agree to be included in print and/or shared on-line.

Of course for any images we include in the 9th edition, you will be sent a copy of the booklet. For this, we will contact you after the booklet has been printed to arrange for the copy to be sent to you.

The 8th edition front cover

THE BIKER GUIDE - 8th edition

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