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Why Blaze Wear heated clothing is a two-wheeled commuter’s best friend…

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Commuting on two wheels has a number of benefits, however, one downside is that two-wheeled commuters are exposed to the elements. One way riders can protect themselves from the elements is by ensuring their riding kit is performing well – keeping them warm and dry.

Here’s why Blaze Wear heated garments are a commuter’s best friend…

  • There are options to suit all

Blaze Wear offer a choice of 5V battery-powered and 12V vehicle-connected apparel so riders can choose a garment with the power option that suits them.

The 12V vehicle-connected range includes: Heated Motorcycle Jacket Liner, Heated Motorcycle Trouser Liners, Heated Motorcycle Glove liners, Heated Motorcycle Over Socks and a Heated Motorcycle Vest.

5V Battery-powered items include: Heated Base Layer Tops and Pants, Heated Boot Socks and Active Gilets for both men and women.

  • Comfort is key

The whole line-up has been specially designed with optimum comfort for wearers at the heart. As well as being made from lightweight materials, the heated helmets integrate flexible carbon fibres – which are the thickness of a single hair – meaning the heating elements are unobtrusive, bending and flexing so not restricting any movement.

  • Say ‘goodbye’ to bulky layers

Thanks to the garments being heated, riders no longer need to bulk up on heavy layers. All heated clothing from Blaze Wear has a choice of three temperature settings meaning that riders can choose the level of heat that suits them and the weather conditions – not only does this give the rider more choice, it also makes the items versatile for all year round riding. 

For more information on the full Blaze Wear line-up, please visit:

About Blaze Wear

UK-based heated clothing specialists, Blaze Wear, offer a heated clothing range for a variety of activities – including outdoor pursuits, horse riding, fishing, equine, skiing, workwear and motorcycling.

Designed in the UK, the line-up has been specially tailored to ensure they offer outstanding comfort and intuitive usability. The heating elements integrate flexible carbon fibres – all of which are the thickness of a single hair. This ensures the heating elements are unobtrusive and bend and flex with the user, as well as even heat distribution and optimum heat.

A range of 5V battery-powered and 12V connected garments are available as well as a dedicated heat therapy range, designed with advanced therapeutic deep tissue heat technology utilising Far Infrared Rays (FIR). Blaze Wear launched its 12V Moto range, specifically designed for motorcycle riders late 2018.

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