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Become a guru of the road with IAM RoadSmart’s Skills Days!

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IAM RoadSmart’s renowned Skills Days, which allow drivers and riders to learn handling skills from real experts while driving their own cars or motorbikes on race tracks across the country, are back for 2018.

Taking place at Thruxton in Hampshire and Knockhill in Scotland during the summer and autumn, the sessions are open to the public – and allow a rare chance to learn about handling and precision driving on a world class racing circuit, and how to use those skills to drive and ride with safety and enjoyment on public roads.

Drivers and riders will either work one-to-one with an instructor, or as part of a small group, and will be given the opportunity to fully understand what their car or motorbike is capable of.

Skills you will have the chance to develop include:

Entry, apex and exit points, how they vary from road to circuit, how we use them and where we should position for view, stability and progress

Where to brake, when and how much to brake, how it feels in an emergency. Most people have never used their brakes to their full potential – you will on a Skills Day!

Controlled, progressive, smooth cornering

Gear selection and how to decide which is the most appropriate gear for the circumstances

How to use the accelerator or throttle to add stability to the car or motorcycle when cornering

The 2018 schedule for Skills Days is as follows:


May :

1st – Cars; 2nd – Bikes

June :

11th – Bikes

July :

11th – Bikes Ladies Day (this session led by IAM RoadSmart Rider Ambassador and professional bike, car and sidecar racer Maria Costello, who will be giving personal tuition to all attending on the day); 25th – Bikes

August :

16th – Bikes

September :

10th – Cars; 11th – Bikes


July :

30th – Bikes

Motorcycle Skills Days are £149 each (full day), car Skills Days £135 each (half day).

Sarah Sillars, IAM RoadSmart Chief Executive Officer, said: “Drivers and riders rarely get to understand and explore what their car or bike is capable of – and what they are not capable of. Our Skills Days are the perfect chance to enjoy the art and the fun of driving and riding well – and translating those skills into something that will make driving and riding a pleasure rather than a chore.”

For more information or to book visit or call 0300 303 1134.

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