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Lifesaving, congestion busting and stress reducing – new lessons are a win-win for all motorway users says IAM RoadSmart

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After many years of campaigning by road safety experts, learner drivers will be allowed on motorways as of 4 June – in a move that road safety charity IAM RoadSmart has welcomed and said could save countless lives as well as reduce congestion-causing incidents.

The DVSA announced back in March that learner drivers would be able to take driving lessons on motorways in England, Scotland and Wales from 4 June.

Learners will have to be accompanied by an approved driving instructor and driving a car fitted with dual controls. Motorway lessons will be voluntary and it will be up to the instructor to decide when the learner is competent enough for them.

Neil Greig, IAM RoadSmart director of policy and research, said: “IAM RoadSmart strongly welcomes this common-sense change to the law on motorway driving.

“It has never made sense to us that new drivers on our most important roads learned how to use them by trial and potentially fatal error. The government’s insistence on the use of approved instructors and dual-controlled cars is a welcome safeguard that will ensure consistent levels of training and a proper phased introduction to motorway driving skills.

“Delays and injuries caused by driver error blight our motorways and with new systems such as smart motorways being widely introduced, it is vital that the level of knowledge and skill among motorway users is improved to keep our key economic routes flowing.

“Any current drivers who feel the need to refresh their skills or improve their confidence and enjoyment on the motorway can take an IAM RoadSmart motorway module today.”

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