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Biker, have YOU got a 'Biker I.C.E. Card'?

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In recent years, motorcyclist deaths have decreased, but serious injuries have increased. However, in 2017 motorcyclist deaths in South Yorkshire have increased. Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists (SAM) is a charity that trains motorcyclists in advanced riding skills, thus making motorcyclists safer on UK roads. When a biker does have an accident emergency services need relevant health information immediately. So, SAM has developed the Biker I.C.E. Card and are giving it away free to any biker who wants it. They will then know that, in the event of an accident, essential health information is in their wallet/purse/pocket readily available to emergency services staff at the scene.

Accidents to motorcyclists result in much more serious injuries than other road users. All methods of carrying personal 'in-case-of-emergency' (I.C.E) information have real flaws. There is often very limited information to hand, or it can only be accessed remotely when the biker is taken to hospital. It can be difficult to keep personal and health information up to date.  SAM recognised the problems and designed an easy method, the Biker I.C.E.Card, of giving every biker the ability to carry information that will help emergency services staff at the scene of an accident and/or staff at a hospital.

The Biker I.C.E. Card has all the information about a biker's identity, emergency contact, medication, ongoing illnesses and disabilities, etc. Such information is vital to emergency services staff to help in safeguarding the health and welfare of a biker casualty.

The Biker I.C.E. Card is a FREE, downloadable, editable pdf file - Go Click 

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists (SAM), a charity of volunteer bikers, provides the full range of IAM RoadSmart advanced riding courses. We recognised that existing methods of carrying 'in-case-of-emergency' information have flaws. Such information may have very limited content, only be accessible remotely by a limited number of people and/or may be contained in electronic devices that may be either locked or damaged in an accident. In addition, the user may not have an easy, readily available method of changing or replacing their information to keep it relevant to their current health and welfare. The 'Biker I.C.E. Card' is printed onto A5 card/paper from any desktop printer. We recommend that the printing is protected by a spray fixative or it can be put into a small plastic pouch. A helmet sticker alerts the emergency services staff to the location of the 'Biker I.C.E. Card'. The card can be folded down to half the size of a credit card for easy storing in a biker's pocket/wallet/purse.

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