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Best Biker Songs of All Time

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There are few things more iconic than getting on your bike and hitting the open road, your hair blowing in the wind as your engine roars like a pack of wildcats.

That incomparable feeling has been the subject of many songs throughout history, each one trying to capture just what makes riding your hog such a spiritual and overall badass experience, and to intimate the lifestyle of those that have chosen to live life in the fast lane.

While not every song that has attempted to reproduce this world has managed to be successful at it, there are many songs that manage to perfectly capture what the life of a biker is like, and give true insight into what it’s like to hit the road with a feeling of total freedom and a devil may care attitude.

So strap on your motorcycle boots and rev your engine as we explore the best biker songs of all time!

Saxon - 'Motorcycle Man'

Album: ‘Wheels of Steel’ (1980)

“If you see me riding by

Do not stop me do not try

Cause I’m a motorcycle man

I get my kicks just when I can…”

British Heavy Metal legends Saxon start off our list with the first track to their seminal album ‘Wheels of Steel’, ‘Motorcycle Man’.

Perfectly describing that feeling of being unstoppable when you are on your bike, this song’s protagonist warns the world not to try and get in his way, as he’s ready to get his kicks on whenever he can. It’s practically impossible to play this song without wanting to go for a ride.

Motörhead - "Iron Horse / Born to Lose"

Album: Motörhead (1977)

“On Iron Horse he flies

On Iron Horse he gladly dies

Iron Horse his wife

Iron Horse his life”

One of the most iconic heavy metal bands of all time, Motörhead inspired a whole generation of bikers and rockers alike.

In their first album, the iconic Lemmy Kilmister decided to dedicate this rollicking love story between a man and his bike to the infamous motorcycle gang Hells Angels, who were personal friends and unofficial bodyguards to the band at the time. 

While Lemmy’s death put an end to the bands storied career, their music and their legend live on -not to mention a line of Motörhead Whiskey, Motörhead motorcycle boots, a Motörhead slot machine at NinjaCasino and even Motörhead vibrators!

Judas Priest - "Desert Plains"

Album: Point of Entry (

“The road is straight cast

Wind's in my eyes

The engine roars between my thighs

From desert plains I bring you love”

Perhaps the go to band for the best odes to being a biker, Judas Priest has many songs that perfectly encapsulate what biker life is all about. From ‘Heading Out To The Highway’ to ‘Freewheel Burning’ and ‘Hell Bent For Leather’, they have churned out one biker anthem after another, but perhaps none better than their ultimate biker ballad ‘Desert Plains”

‘Plains’ tells the story of a lone biker tearing through the mountains and desert, as he makes his way to his lover’s arms. With its highly emotive music, funky bass line and elegant lyrics, this fan favorite makes us want to ride all night to our lover’s embrace as well.

Jimi Hendrix - 'Ezy Ryder'

Album: ‘The Cry of Love’ (1971)

“There goes ezy

Ezy ryder

Ridin’ down the highway of desire”

Inspired by 1969’s Easy Rider, Dennis Hopper’s film about counterculture bikers, this Jimi Hendrix classic wasn’t released until years after Jimi’s untimely death. First heard on 1971’s ‘Cry of Love’ collection, it tells the story of a tragic rider who lives his life riding high but is dying to be loved, as Jimi’s virtuoso guitar takes us on a journey of its own.

Twisted Sister - 'Live to Ride, Ride to Live'

Album: ‘You Can’t Stop Rock ’n’ Roll’ (1983)

“Hard roads and endless lines

Flow through his veins

Cold steel and hot fuel injected

Is the dream that fills his brain”

Coming from Twisted Sister‘s highly underrated sophomore album, ‘You Can’t Stop Rock ’n’ Roll’, 'Live to Ride, Ride to Live' is another heavy metal stomper to get your blood pumping. Lead singer Dee Snider might choose to wear makeup when strutting his stuff onstage, but as an avid biker he sure knows how to snarl a mean tune about answering the call of the open road.

Steppenwolf - 'Born to Be Wild'

Album: ‘Steppenwolf’ (1968)


“Get your motor runnin’

Head out on the highway

Looking for adventure

In whatever comes our way…”

A song that needs no introduction, Steppenwolf’s classic is by far the most emblematic biker tune that ever was, and most possibly ever will be.

Released in 1968 in their debut album, 'Born to Be Wild' became a biker anthem after its inclusion in the aforementioned ‘Easy Rider’. Originally written by Mars Bonfire as a ballad, Steppenwolf’s decision to speed up the tempo infused the song with what can only be described as pure gasoline, and the perfect song for tearing up the asphalt. 

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