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The final week on the poll to find the favourite Biker Friendly Cafe in the UK, as voted for by members of THE BIKER GUIDE facebook group...

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The top 10...
The Bikers Cove retain their 1st place, with Hot Tram Roll in 2nd place, Hungry Hogs in 3rd, Route 59 Cafe storming into 4th, Goodfillers sandwich bar in 5th, Lynn's Raven Cafe in 6th, Doms Bike Stop in 7th, Owls Nest Tea Room Diner in 8th, Squires Bikers-cafe in 9th and The Pit Stop Diner Stockton in 10th!

Voting takes place on THE BIKER GUIDE facebook group, via the pinned poll at the top of the page.

The poll will run until 1st November @ 12 noon.

as of 29th October - poll to find the favourite Biker Friendly Cafe in the
Total votes as of 29th October 2017

The Bikers Cove - 164 votes
Hot Tram Roll - 95 votes
Hungry Hogs near Belton A47 - 73 votes
Route 59 Cafe - 52 votes
Goodfillers sandwich bar - 43 votes
Lynn's Raven Cafe - 41 votes
Doms Bike Stop - 29 votes
Owls Nest Tea Room Diner - 22 votes
Squires Bikers-cafe - 21 votes
The Pit Stop Diner Stockton - 19 votes
Chequered Flag SW - 17 votes
Lakeside Cafe, Onehouse - 13 votes
Ponderosa Café - 13 votes
The Leadburn Motor Crossroads Cafe - 11 votes
Super Sausage Cafe - 9 votes
Hartside Top Cafe - 8 votes
Devils Bridge - 8 votes
Loomies - 6 votes
The Filling Station - 6 votes
The Doof Cafe - 5 vote
Steel Horse Cafe - 4 votes
Wessons Cafe - 3 votes
Whistlestop Cafe North Wales Ltd. - 3 votes
Jacks Hill Cafe - 3 votes
The Whistlestop Cafe, Whitby - 3 votes
Seaways Cafe - 3 votes
H-Cafe Berinsfield - 3 votes
Ladybower Cafe - 3 votes
Oakdene - 3 votes
GMEC Motorcycle Cafe - 2 votes
Nell's Cafe - 2 votes
Ace Cafe - 2 votes
Grindleford Station Cafe - 2 votes
Yondermanns - 2 votes
Willingham Woods Kiosk - 2 votes
The Haven - 2 votes
Spitfire Cafe - 1 vote
Iron Horse Ranch House - 1 vote
Oasis Cafe - Scarborough - 1 vote
Sam's Diner - 1 vote
Junction 26 Diner - 1 vote
Tooters Diner - 1 vote
Food Stop Bikers Cafe Bridgnorth - 1 vote
Billy's on the Road - 1 vote
Blenkinsopp Castle Inn - 1 vote
Ryka's Cafe - 1 vote
Original Tea Hut - 1 vote
Silver Ball Cafe - 1 vote
Knott End Cafe - 1 vote
Dinkys Dinah - 1 vote
Fourways Café - 1 vote
Rockyjo’s - 1 vote
Route 1066 - 1 vote
Manor Farm Cafe - 1 vote (new entry)
Route 11 Kitchen - 1 vote (new entry)

*Please note the poll is on the facebook group for THE BIKER GUIDE, as the group has the facility for a poll and a tick count. 

When we started this a few years back, we used to add all the votes up from comments, which as we are sure you can appreciate took a long time. By using the 'poll' facility on the group, it is easy for all to see the vote.

As stated, this is a poll as voted for by members of THE BIKER GUIDE facebook group, ran by THE BIKER GUIDE website, so to cast your vote for your favourite Biker Friendly Cafe in the UK, just do so on the group - If you are not a member simply request to join the group.

We did look into running an external poll, however this meant people had to supply emails and register, by using the poll on the facebook group the only prerequisite is to be part of the group, with no personal details given.

We have lots of places popular with Bikers included on THE BIKER GUIDE website, from the south to the north of Great Britain, into Wales and to the Highlands of Scotland.

See THE BIKER GUIDE website for extensive listings.


The final week of the poll to find the favourite Biker Friendly Cafe in the

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