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Bikes in peril

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It’s not surprising that many motorbikes are in danger of being stolen specifically for the value of the parts. This is because either the parts are rare (classics) or too expensive. For the police and insurance companies this is a real problem:

1. Parts rarely have ID on them so cannot be linked back to the theft of the vehicle and for those that do have marked parts there are draw backs with systems that:
    (a) Require specialist people and equipment and do not give immediate results.
    (b) Do not provide individual ID for each component.
    (c) Have costly annual registration subscriptions.

2. Often the police know where these bikes are worked on but cannot obtain a search warrant because they will not be able to link parts to crime reports for stolen vehicles.

3. Parts are easily sold with a high demand for parts to keep bikes running.

The solution – Auto Link

You can easily mark components with individual ID  and help put a stop to this.
1. NFC tags and UV writing are difficult to find, even for the police until they have the locations given to them by the owner.
2. NFC and UV markings are revealed with standard police procedures and  equipment (smart phone and UV light).
3. No annual subscription or concerns over data protection because you don’t have to register any of the ID unless the vehicle is stolen when it’s the police national computer system (PNC) and your insurer you tell.

Auto-Link  £33.32 +vat + P&P = £42.78


3 x NFC Tags These self-adhesive tags can be fixed on any surface including metal and are heat resistant and suitable for engine and gearbox but not the exhaust or a catalyser.The tags come pre-programmed but if you have an NFC enabled phone you can add to this and lock it down.They operate on a frequency that can be read by most police issue smart phones but you have to be able to virtually touch the tag to obtain a reading.

1 x UV pen and light The UV leaves an invisible marking which shows up under ultra violet light. The pen includes a built-in UV torch.You can write whatever ID mark you want.Most police forces in the UK have UV torches.

1 x Instructions and log Fitting instructions are included and on the reverse is space for recording the ID marks you have made and where they can be found.
You can also buy a more extensive kit and mark spares and tools.

Available from

Club members’ discounts are available contact Stan Ratcliffe

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