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Four Beautiful Summer Biking Routes Across Europe

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Four Beautiful Summer Biking Routes Across EuropeWhile there isn’t as much space for nature in Europe as in Australia or North America, the diversity across the continent both historically and in terms of natural landscapes make it an incredible place to tour. From natural landmarks to cultural heritage sites, the Old Continent boasts some fantastic routes for bikers looking to explore new territory. 

Below are just some of the most beautiful summer biking routes throughout Europe that include national parks, mountain ranges, coastal scenery and plenty more!

Ring of Kerry, Ireland

Ireland is home to some of the greenest and most beautiful coastal landscapes in Northern Europe, and one of the best ways to soak in the beauty is biking along The Ring of Kerry. This countryside trail is a circular road that starts in Killarney and moves along the Iveragh Peninsula. 

While tour buses and larger vehicles tend to struggle to maneuver through the sharp turns, for bikers the road is perfect for quick maneuvers, fun curves and breathtaking scenery.

Col de la Bonette, France

France may be best known for great cheese, fine wine and the Eiffel Tower, but its countryside and mountainous landscapes are also well worth a look. If you find yourself in France over the summer then the Col de la Bonette, which is a road surrounding a 2,860m mountain the French Alps, takes you through the Mercantour National Park and some of the most beautiful terrain in the country.  

It is not only the highest paved route in the entire Alp mountain range, but it is also the peak section of the Tour de France route. Not to mention the fact that this road takes you right to the Italian-French border, where you can continue your travels into Italy! 

Czech Paradise: Turnov to Jicin

If you wander about a hundred kilometers away from Prague you will find yourself on the banks of the Jizera River at the heart of Czech Paradise, also known as Bohemian Paradise. Not only is this a UNESCO protected park since 1955, but this road between Turnov and Jicin takes you through some distinctive landscapes peppered with unique rock formations unlike any you’ll find in the entire region. 

While the road to Czech Paradise is one of the most well-known biking routes in the country, if you drive around 100km in the other direction from Prague you’ll find yourself in Rozvadov. This small town is not only home to some of the biggest casino events in the country, but the road there also covers some beautiful Czech landscapes and rural villages.  

From AutoZug in Hamburg, to Djursland, Denmark

Germany’s Autobahn will not only take you across the country at maximum speed, but if you take the route from Hamburg to the Danish city of Djursland you will also witness the hilly beauty of Jutland’s Mols Bejrge National Park.  

From swamps and farmland to thick forest and beaches you get a bit of everything along the AutoZug road. This tour is one of the most diverse in Central Europe and is a real treat for nature lovers looking to get a bit of everything in one pleasant ride. 

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