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Sharing The Road With Motorcycles

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Motorcycles are less stable and less visible than cars, and they have good performance capabilities which is sometimes bad and sometimes good. For these and other reasons, motorcycles are very much more likely than cars to experience crashes and get involved in accidents.

At Siima MotoWear, they have done some research and came up with some useful thoughts for both riders and drivers, so they share the road safely and respect each other.

Motorcycle riders lack the safety of an indoor vehicle, so they're much more likely to get injured or even killed. Per mile traveled, the involving deaths on motorcycles is roughly 26 times the number of a car. Riders who won't be wearing a helmet are 40 % more likely to suffer a fatal head injury, in contrast to helmeted riders.  

The actions of motorcyclists can affect motor vehicle operators in various ways. When you follow a motorcycle, bear in mind that motorcycles contain the ability of stopping a whole lot more quickly than other vehicles. So keep your distance to yourself and the biker safe. While maintaining a safe and secure distance from motorcyclists in front of you, check your rearview mirror and be aware of motorcyclists following you. When a motorcyclist is following you, be especially careful not to create any sudden stops. Otherwise you set the rider's life in danger.

Weather and road conditions present greater problems to motorcyclists. A puddle may hide a dent that jolts your car; the same hidden hole can throw a motorcycle out of control. When it rains, reduced traction makes it difficult for riders to balance. Is actually much harder for the motorcyclist to stop or get control of his motobike on slippery roads. Needless to say, things get a lot worse on icy roads.

Strong winds are extremely dangerous if not knowing how to deal with. In many occasions winds are able to move your bike to the other lane, creating very dangerous conditions for you. Best thing to do is to slow down at the speed you feel comfortable and able to manage your bike. If the winds are really strong better stop the bike. In these cases, drivers should be extra careful and have their eyes open for motorcyclists. Check your mirros and look for single headlight vehicles, they are probably motorcycles.

When you are following a motorcycle with a pillion riders, be extra careful. Pillion riders' positionand seat can partly control the motorcycle's behavior and performance. If the motorcyclist is inexperienced in transporting a passenger he/she will probably have extra issues with balancing and controlling the motorcycle. 

Remember to dress for the slide, not the ride. Always use ATGATT, and make sure you use proper motorcycle safety gear.

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