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The Top Transit Vans of 2017

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The Ford Transit van is the most popular style of commercial vehicle in the UK due to the flexibility its specifications, the experience behind the name and the practicality of each vehicle. In a recent survey we found that the Ford Transit was the limited companies vehicle of choice. 

(Ford Transit Connect Insurance group: 3 to 6) 

If you’re looking for a van of practical size that is safe to drive, this is the van for you. However, if you are looking for a large van that is quick and speedy, this may not be the right choice. In 2014 it was third for the “most reliable van” and first for “best class fuel economy” so if you do a lot of mileage, this fuel efficient vehicle could be the right one for you.  

If you are looking to purchase a brand new Ford Transit Connect you are looking in the region of £13,600+ - £18,000+. Although this is quite an investment, there are lots of finance options available. If you’re about to purchase a new van don’t forget to purchase short term van insurance to get the vehicle home. 

(Ford Transit Custom Insurance group: 3-9 depending on spec) 

If you need a van to meet specific needs then this is the one for you. With a wide range of optional extras and a good variety in specifications; power, speed, weight length, etc. you can’t go wrong. 

Ford has built a reputable brand for itself over many years and has developed a strong understanding of what its customers want and in the case of this model, they are letting their customers choose exactly what you want. 

With prices starting from £18,000+ going all the way up to £27,000+; there is a huge scope to design the vehicle that you need for your business. This is what we believe to be the business van of 2017. 

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