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How speed affects a rider - exciting new animation!

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Whatever motorbike you ride, the thrill of riding at high speed is undeniable, but so are the risks:

  • Blood rushes to the heart, giving an intense feeling of exhilaration
  • Blood drains from the brain, leaving you light-headed
  • Internal organs get squashed, the neck and spine come under intense pressure, blood capillaries in the eyes can burst even!

To help motorcyclists understand these risks and ride more safely, Bikesure – one of the UK’s leading motorbike insurance brokers - has created an exciting new animation:

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Bikesure recently sponsored Dirt Quake V, which saw racing royalty Carl Fogarty and Guy Martin compete on the same track across two days in July 2016 at the Adrian Flux Arena in King's Lynn. Now in its fifth year, the event has inspired dozens of similar races worldwide, including Dirt Quake USA.

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