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** THE BIKERS - tour of South West France and the Pyrenees.

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The itinerary below is subject to change (mainly the wine tasting during the day), however the hotel, breakfast, lunches and dinner are included. 


Itinerary and Escorted Tours include:

Saturday arrival: Ride your Motorcycle to arrive at the hotel in Barbotan Les Thermes -
6.30pm: Welcome reception followed by a 3 course dinner.

Sunday: Breakfast 8.30 – 10.00 am. (Room service also available).

10am - Depart for road trip to Chateau Viella, Madiran/Pacherenc wine region. A tasting of Pacherenc/Madiran wines accompanied by local h’ordeuvres.
12.30pm lunch  at a local bistro in the Madiran region.
3.30pm - Return to the hotel.
Free evening.

Monday: Continental breakfast 7.30 – 8.30am. 

8.30am - Depart for the Pic du Midi one of the highest points in the Pyrenees. Ski lift to the observation tower. Lunch at 12.30pm, followed by a guided tour of the museum and the history behind the amazing construction feat at 10,000 ft. of elevation!
3.30pm - Return to the hotel.
7.45pm (Coach transport) Three course meal catered by a local Traitor at Le bistro Palombiere, in Monguilhem.

Tuesday: Breakfast 8.30 – 10.00 am. 

10.00am – Depart for a tasting at Tariquet - the largest private wine producer in France.
12.30pm – Eauze – lunch at Café de France restaurant.
2.30pm - Depart for Chateau Millet in Parleboscq, offering a wine tasting and a sampling of produits du terroir.
5.00pm - Return to the hotel.
7.45pm - Coach to Auberge de Manciet restaurant for a classical three course French meal.

Wednesday: Breakfast 8.30 – 10.00 am. 

A free leisurely morning in Barbotan; enjoying the colourful local market offering produits du terroir by local artisans, followed by a pre-lunch appetizer of Arcachon oysters on the half shell and a glass of sparling wine.
12.30pm - Lunch at Estanquette restaurant, offering wonderfully prepared local food.
Free afternoon. To enjoy the Spa in Barbotan. (Must be booked well in advance) or a a pre- booked spin around the famous Nogaro Motorsports circuit or a breath-taking aerial flight in a single engine plane, glider or ultra-lite at the Nogaro airport.
Free evening.

Thursday: Breakfast 8.30 – 9.30 am. 

9.30am - Road trip to the beautiful city of Pau – home and birthplace of Henry IV. 
A half- day, self-escorted sightseeing: Cathedral, Chateau and the boulevard des Pyrenees with plenty of chic shopping. 
1.00pm - Lunch at a local restaurant, La Majestic.
3.00pm - Journey to the Juracon wine area with a tasting of the famous Juranson sec et doux wines at Chateau Lafitte.  
5.00pm – Return to the hotel.
7.45pm – Coach to a local bistro/restaurant, Le Houga.

Friday: Breakfast 8.30 – 9.30 am. 

9.30am - Road trip to St. Pouy – A tour and overview of an authentic producer of foie gras (Terre Blanche), followed by lunch.
2.00pm - A visit to Chateau Monluc. A tour of the cellers and an introduction to the colorful history of Gascony, Armagnac and the alambic distillation process. Followed by a tasting.
3.30pm - Return to the hotel.
7.30pm – Farewell and closing dinner at the hotel. 

Saturday: Breakfast and departure by 10am. 

 THE BIKERS - Sun, wine and fun with a taste of Armagnac

Itinerary not currenty confirmed (22nd Feb 2017) 

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