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How to be a part of the community?

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A few of us have seen or know about the hit American TV programme Sons of Anarchy and while they make joining a motorcycle club seem exiting and exhilarating, most of the times its actually just about friends creating a community. So if you feel like changing something in your life, you may feel joining a community which may bring some prosperity into your life. Motorcycle communities can be the best groups to be with.  

There are thousands of different official motorcycle clubs which don’t tag as outlaws or what you see on TV. Joining a Motorcycle community is pretty simple really. You will usually be required to fill out a membership form and pay a small fee in order to join one of these communities. There are most often no other entry requirements, however each club will vary with rules and regulations. Clubs may also have additional benefits to its members; this may include special discounts that have been organised with companies such as insurance providers or motorcycle retailers.

Unofficial Communities

Some unofficial motorcycle communities contain an extremely larger number of motorcycle riders. These communities nowadays are mostly centred on internet groups, message boards and forums. These communities do not have any official legal standing in most situations and are most likely not have any official presidents or secretaries. It’s really simple in regards to joining these communities and may just take a simple message. In the majority of cases there are absolutely no fees associated with these communities. 

There are lots of events and tours, that are really interesting and worthwhile to attend and at THE BIKER GUIDE, there are various Motorcycle Tour companies such as:

-          H-C Travel: The longest established motorcycle touring company operating in the UK, with tours to countries such as Tibet, Australia, and New Zealand, etc...

-          EXtraMILe bike tours: With tours running through Northern Spain, Spain & Portugal and long weekends across various other locations in Europe.

-          Magellan Motorcyle tours: offering accessible and affordable motorcycle tours across Europe and further afield, some locations includes France, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia

As well as tours, clubs and communities offer good bonding activities, which include coffee stops at cafes, pub lunches and even get together’s at casinos where you can find the best casino deals, BBQ’s and social parties.

Joining a community is a really enjoyable thing to do, it will definitely make you feel your part of something and you will be well looked after.

Instead of sitting at home or having a pint on your own at the pub, if you have a motorcycle license, then join a community now, where you will be given some of the best days of your life and you will most certainly look back and cherish the memories you have created with these communities. 

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