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How does the website you advertise with rank on the www? As easy way to check

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We work very hard @ THE BIKER GUIDE to get a large and loyal visitor to our website, with most Bikers in the UK and Europe using us in the 1st instance to look for somewhere to stay - even before they use Google.
The 'other' websites available to advertise that you are indeed Biker Friendly, are mainly directories - ie no news, articles, what's on, competitions and more, so have a very low visitor and when we asked - 89% said they only used us when looking for any Motorcycle related information.
An easy way for you to check a websites worth is see how many people 'like' them on facebook, check their own guestbook and customer reviews and checking on SimilarWeb, which is a good way to check on a website - not always up-to date with some of the information, however gives you a good idea on worldwide stats and UK ranking.
Amazingly some of the website have no UK ranking!
SimilarWeb -

A customer said this to us - "After trying a few other websites that 'supposedly' advertise biker friendly places and getting virtually no response, I have recently signed up with THE BIKER GUIDE. I cannot believe it took me so long, as within 3 weeks the 12 months advert I placed has already been paid for (and more) with a booking for next June. I am going to be honest - the other websites I have tried were cheaper, but you know a waste of money, £25 quid here, £35 there - it all adds up!"

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