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What was your favourite Motorcycle event that you attended in 2016?

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Four weeks into this poll and the leader board is...   Drum Roll Please

Mt Heads Rally - 78 votes
You've Been Nabbed 25 - 72
Caveman Bash - 57 votes
Avernus MCC Rally - 48 votes
Rally in a Chalet - 41 votes
Tiger MCC Soggy Moggy Rally - 40 votes
Tees Riders Rusty Nut Rally - 35 votes
One Aim Rally - 33 
Perverts in Leather Rally - 27 votes
Drink Drop and Doss - 20
Roughleys Bike Show - 18 votes
Mobile Chaos MCC Kamikaze Run Rally - 19 votes
Stormin' the Castle - 17 votes
Big Barn Rally - 16 votes
Roughleys Bike Show - 15 votes
Cumbria Custom Show - 14 votes
Ragnarock Rally - 14 votes

The poll will run until 2017.

For the wining event we will send booklets, stickers, a t-shirt for the organiser (or for a raffle), a banner for the entrance and extra promotion for the event on THE BIKER GUIDE website.


The vote is open to members of the facebook group for THE BIKER GUIDE -  go here to vote

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