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It's all about Motorcycles and Blood Bikes.

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Severn Freewheelers are not a charity that has a front line operation; they do not fly helicopters, they do not go to the scene of accidents - they do not even operate during the day (except at weekends), so we tend to disappear under the public radar! However they do vital work – once you are in hospital all that urgency to get you there is wasted unless your blood samples, transfusion, medical notes get into the right hands, at the right time and that is where they come in, when hospital transport is not available  – 7pm to 7am, 24 hours at weekends and public holidays, 365 days a year. They even help transport frozen human milk, so very premature babies get a fighting chance. All run by volunteers who receive not a single penny for their efforts.
They make 3,500 potentially life-saving calls per year. To raise funds and awareness they organise two great events - The Prescott and Shelsley Bike Festivals. 

All proceeds from the festivals go to the regional Blood Bike group, Severn Freewheelers

Here's a news video from last year that pretty much says it all.


Shelsley Bike Festival, 4th September 2016

A great Festival in 2015 and 2016 will be bigger and better. A great day out for motorcycle enthusiasts and their families. 

See here for more

Shelsley Bike Festival 2016


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