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Get paid for giving your views and opinions on new Motorbikes and accessories!

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VisionBee, a dynamic motorbike research company are conducting some research and development for a famous motorbike manufacturer.

They want riders of motorbikes over 500cc, which were bought from new since 2013, to give their views and opinions on future generation bikes and accessories. Get paid for giving your views and opinions on a future generation Motorbik

This will be held in Watford on 17th May, from 8pm for around 2 hours. Those who qualify and take part will be paid £100 for their time, which includes travel expenses.

If you fancy being part of this, contact Simon on [email protected] letting him know which model you own, when you bought it, your name, your age along with your telephone contact details.

If you cannot make this date, do not worry as there are another few projects coming up over the year, so you can still get in touch. 


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