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10,00 miles across the desert inspires designer to create the ultimate riding glove

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In the summer of 2011 Anthony Jackson decided to take a trip of a lifetime for Leukaemia Research, riding a small 125cc motorcycle from Brighton to Mongolia. Following personal setbacks, accidents and illnesses Anthony set his compass east and left everything he knew behind. A journey that resulted in biking apparel brand, 78 Motor Co.

Anthony found himself by the roadside in Ukraine nursing a sore head after his bike helmet had rubbed the skin off. Frustrated, in pain, and unable to find a replacement, he struggled on, riding up to 12 hours a day before reaching Ulanbaatar Mongolia. His visor would no longer close, the liner was badly worn and his expensive, branded gloves had stretched making simple tasks a chore.

Anthony had said how: “Very few motorcycle gloves fit like they should - the leather is too loose, thumbs can be too long and fingers too short, making them uncomfortable to wear on the bars."

With an eye for design and a strong will for perfection, Anthony decided there and then he would return home to carefully design his own luxury helmet and gloves infused with his passion for the new wave scene and new found experience out in the Gobi desert.

Anthony spent 3 years developing an ultra stylish luxury carbon fibre helmet, a beautifully engineered glove range and an apparel line for the modern day café racer. They are above and beyond the usual mass produced offerings and their products receive consistent five star reviews.

Their newest release is the hand-crafted Speed Glove, a timeless vintage design with a unique close fit, discreet protection, satin lining and 1960’s inspired cooling fins. Last week the glove was described as elegant and fashionable by The London Evening Standard and continues to receive outstanding reviews by the press.

One 10,000 mile trip to Mongolia and many months of development later, 78 Motor Co is becoming the final word on luxury-fitting biking apparel.

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