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How to prepare for a track day

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This article from Superbike-Coach Corp will give you and idea what rules you're facing, what to bring, how to prepare and even a bunch of tips to make it as safe as possible for yourself and others. 

  • Check for oil moist or leaks under the bike and see oil filter and drain bolt are tight with a proper wrench. Consider to make a oil change before your track day anyway, and go with the best… Bel Ray Oils!
  • Check your chain slag and set it right according to your manual
  • Check your brake pads (no go for 50% off lifetime) and worn rotors. Also consider the age of your braking fluid
  • Check rest life of your tires (no go for 60% off lifetime). If you are worried about your tires: GO CHANGE THEM BEFORE YOU HEAD OUT (we have no tire service in the paddock). Besides knobby tires, we allow all tire types, because you should know best what they and you are capable of. Inform yourself for recommended tire pressures, because we don’t know. New Dunlop motorcycle tires are highly recommended.
  • Bring rain- or street bike tires if it supposed to rain. All track day events and organizers are- like ours- rain or shine! Oh... and some socks to change as well :)
  • Tape over all glass and lights AND tape over the speedometer. You do not need the speedometer on the racetrack. It is an unsafe distraction
  • Suspension setup: Don’t waste time and money on this too much. A better rider would make 10-20 seconds less on your bike with the same setup. Come out and have fun!
  • Safety wire your action cameras to not hurt somebody else!

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