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Great review on a pair of Hood Jeans that protected the rider and survived to be washed and worn another day...

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Dear Sirs

I thought you would appreciate the picture and feedback for your website. Hood Jeans that protected the rider and survived to be washed and worn anot

I bought a pair of Hood Jeans 3 years ago when I started biking and have worn the same pair every single day for work. I was recently knocked off by someone doing a u-turn in front of me while I was filtering. I went flying over the handlebars and landed on my bum (as you can see in the picture!). My bike was wrecked, my backpack ripped, helmet smashed and I automatically thought my jeans were ruined as well. On returning home I gave them a wash. Due to their high quality they didn't have any serious damage and I'm still wearing them as I type this. They are definitely a top quality product!



HQ in Norfolk, with free UK and worldwide delivery.


British made motorcycle jeans at a very competitive price, with a high level of service.

The Hood K7 jean was one of the first motorcycle jeans launched in the UK and has become one of the best and most respected on the market.

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