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Rallies... Use them or lose them!

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On the book of face today there are an awful lot of angry people having little (or not so) arguments with others about the outrage of a rally being moved from their favourite field to a venue who dare to charge £1.40 for a cup of tea, where the organizer had to move to save it from disappearing/not going ahead due to the 4k + costs to put it on.    Bang Head Here - at the Farmyard Party

Along with the cost of putting on an event there is also the time the organizers have to give (take off work) to sort out said field, get a bar license, arrange the loos, stage/bar and more...

As time moves on, with times a changing and dwindling numbers of rally goers each year, coupled with rising costs, I wonder if more and more rallies will be held within a venue rather than a field?

We do hope that people would have a little more understanding of the work and costs (and risks) that are involved in putting on ANY event, never mind one that attracts 500+ (so needs a larger space+) and support the event and give constructive criticism instead of a ganging-up-on-a-mass-rant, because you know what - do not be surprised when the organizers say 'Sod this, I'm off'!

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