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Songs that feature a Motorbike sound or is about Motorbikes...

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The track Triumph (Of The Good City) by Jean Jacques Burnel (of the stranglers) features a motorcycle engine, so we were wondering if you know of any other songs that feature a Motorcycle?

Go watch on Youtube

Thanks to Les Ross for letting us know about this track!

Jean Jacques Burnel (of the stranglers), Triumph (Of The Good City)

We asked the members of the facebook page and group if they could suggest other tracks and we have the following answers...

Johnny Angel - 1952 Vincent Black Lightning, by Richard Thompson - Live version

Steve Clarke - B.S.A - by the Steve Gibbons Band

Nick Flagg - Motorcycle Man (live version) by Saxon

Dave Ayre - Motorcycle Emptiness, by Manic Street Preachers

Les Ross - Motor Bikin`, by Chris Spedding

Blues Theme, by Davie Allan & The Arrows. Opening music to Wild Angels.

Motorbike Beat, the Revillos

Street Bob Brown - Bat out of Hell, by MeatLoaf

Johnny Angel - The Motorcycle Song, by Arlo Guthrie

Ben Elves - Ride the wild wind, Queen

Brian Johnson - Leader Of The Pack, by The Shangri-Las 

Terry, by Twinkle

Harley-Davidson, by Bridgit Bardot

Mark A Rhodie - Little Honda '64, by the Beach Boys

Bob Scales - Bad Motor Scooter, by Montrose

James McKay - My little sister's got a motorbike, by Crazy Cavan

Peter Twyning - Lets Ride, by Status Quo (Rocking all over the world album)

Gary Roberts - Too Old To Rock 'n' Roll: Too Young To Die, by Jethro Tull. Great story in a song.

Haydn Tovey - Funky moped, by Jasper Carrot

A late entry from Jeff Needham. Just for Kicks - Mike Sarne (Live version)

Other songs from our facebook group are

Born to be Wild, by Steppenwolf

Iron Horse Born to Lose, by Motorhead

Freebird, by Lynytd Skynyrd

Thunder Struck, by AC/DC

Too Fast To Live Too Young To Die, by Robert Gordon

Last Rebel on the Road, by Lynyrd Skynyrd

She Rides a Harley-Davidson, by Neil Young

Faster, by Within Temptation

Motorcycle Dream, by Slack Alice

I'm a Rocker by 
Chas and Dave


Motopsycho Nightmare - Bob Dylan


Riding in the T.T.Races - George Formby


Andrew Jordan - Days of the Underground, by Hawkwind. Not a specific motorcycle song but does have the lines containing Smiling Michael and his black motorcycle and also mentions chromium heroes ( bikers)

The top five favourites were

Born to be Wild, by Steppenwolf

Bat out of Hell, by MeatLoaf

Iron Horse Born to Lose, by Motorhead

Freebird, by Lynytd Skynyrd

1952 Vincent Black Lightning, by Richard Thompson

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  1. Iain whiston

    Dolls by Primal Scream Bike Blood by the Fabulous Poodles

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  2. Bor

    Motorcycle man, Saxon

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  3. Anirudh Rastogi

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  4. smcd

    I Wanna Ride, by Feedtime Time Travelling Blues, by Orange Goblin

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  5. Jeff Needham

    How could you have missed this If you do it again, you will have to COME OUTSIDE!!!

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