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Michelin-sponsored racer, Daley Mathison, has been crowned champion of the 2015 MotoE series with his electric motorcycle, UoN-01, built by an expert team from the University of Nottingham. Having competed at rounds across Europe, Mathison, famous for his road-racing success, took the final win of the championship at the Portimão circuit.

The MotoE series is a five-round European Championship Cup for electric motorcycle racers with teams from across the globe competing against each other. Constructors come from a variety of different backgrounds, from technical colleges to commercial engineering specialists, and traditional motorsports professionals to privateer inventors.

The bike that Mathison rode to victory was designed and built by a small, highly-talented team within the University of Nottingham’s Power Electronics, Machine and Control Research Group, part of the university’s Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Daley Mathison was appointed as the team's rider, based on the recommendation of senior officials from the Isle of Man TT.

With a maximum speed of over 180mph and power in excess of 265hp (200kw), the UoN-01, is certainly not your average motorcycle, although it does share some standard superbike parts such as Öhlins suspension and Brembo brakes that sit alongside a purpose-built frame and swing arm.

Riding on Michelin tyres, Daley admits that the demands of racing an electric motorcycle are different to a petrol bike: “The electric bike performed fantastically for me throughout this championship. A lot of it is down to the fact there is not as much to do whilst you are on the bike. With a petrol machine you’re constantly thinking about gears and engine braking, while on the electric bike you’ve just got to brake and accelerate, which allows you to really concentrate on hitting the apex and getting the drive out of the corner.”

Daley’s team had a range of Michelin’s high-quality performance tyres to choose from such as the new Power Slick Evo, Power Cup Evo and Power Rain. The Power Slick Evo is designed to provide optimum power on the track, and when racing in the heat of Portugal’s Portimão Circuit, having rubber you can rely on makes a big difference.

For more information about Michelin’s range of motorcycle tyres visit or to follow Daley’s racing success check out

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