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How motorbikes and music match?

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Get your motor runnin’ and head out on the highway…

Motorbikes and rock and roll have gone together like helmets and leathers since the younger generation learned to love the freedom afforded by two wheels and the open road in the post-war era.

Steppenwolf’s much-covered Born to be Wild was not the first true motorcycle song, but possibly the most famous thanks to its appearance on the film soundtrack of Easy Rider.

Specialist insurance broker Bikesure, which numbers many true bike devotees among its staff, set them a challenge to come up with 10 of the best true biker songs of all time.

From the Shangri-La’s teen tragedy Leader of the Pack to Brian Wilson’s typically harmony-drenched paean to the Honda Super Cub, the team came up with some legendary rock numbers and one or two more little-known gems.

Read about and listen to the full 10 tracks. You can also put forward your own suggestions. 

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